ACIM Share Lesson 46 God is the Love in which I forgive.

Forgive is about dropping judgements We hold to our judgment only out of fear that we are week. The faith walk is to trust we are strong & can use love and its power to experience strength. The peace and joy that comes from a loving tract is the real consequence of making the choice.

If we understood everything as well as the Holy Spirit does we would no longer be experiencing negative or fear with anyone or anything. So we need her help in trying to understand or forgive. Negative thoughts need to be worked through not repressed or defended. It’s not about excusing or pardoning it is like all other exercises to think again with her guiding us all the way. It is a journey only in the fact of the ego’s intolerance for the Holy Spirit. It would distract us or defend the negative with rationalizing as well as other defenses especially projection I.e. perceiving an enemy. It’s easy to see we would get nowhere in this process without her help. Since Reality is One it is of course Ourself we are forgiving with the love that God provides.


Peace to you,


About Jim DeMaio

A Course in Miracles student since 1989 Married with four children and eight grandchildren Pastoral counselor specializing in applying the Course in Miracles to relationships.
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